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Moon Fly Unlocked Part 2: Zoom Readings (2021)

Moon Fly Unlocked Part 1: Zoom Readings (2020)

We were hoping that the next time we saw you would be with a full production. The global situation regarding Covid-19 means that this will not be feasible until next year at the earliest. Until then we decided to share two new plays over Zoom…

First up was ‘if they call it night’ by Cameron Forbes

David can access parallel universes…but he needs help. He promises Ali that she can reach her happy ever after if she helps him out. The road to perfect reality, however, is a dangerous and uncertain one. 

Cast: Emma Lynne Harley, Sean Langtree

The following week we presented ‘Kerbs’ by Sean Dennis Langtree

Kerbs is a coming of age story exploring the relationship between Hollie and Luke as they grow up across the road from each other.

From not being allowed to cross the road at ten, to running in different circles at sixteen, and re-connection in their late twenties. 

Kerbs explores grief, friendship, trauma and the need to feel connection to others.

Cast: Lucy Goldie, Alan Mackenzie

Traverse Bar Return (Nov 2019)

After a successful evening earlier in the year, Moon Fly Theatre returned to the Traverse Bar Café with two readings of new work.

New plays from Sean Dennis Langtree and Cameron Forbes were performed script-in-hand in the intimate bar space.

Scattered by Cameron Forbes (Dir Emily Ingram)

Lucy lost her mum two years ago. She now lives with her estranged dad who locks himself away every night and barely speaks. The only person she can turn to is the school arsehole Harris who suggests drastic action. A coming of age tale about grief, friendship and absence.

CAST: Joe Johnson, Rachael Keiller, Mark McMinn

Yemen by Sean Dennis Langtree (Dir Alice Langley)

Yemen follows six stories set in different countries ranging from Iran, Ecuador, Britain and Yemen. A pro-feminist piece looking at the treatment and prejudice women have faced, and also examines the seeds of extremism. Yemen is about six women who abduct and torture a man.

CAST: Kelly Davie, Catherine Elliot, Misha Mcullagh, Alison McFarlane, Vivien Reid, Deborah Whyte

Formation Festival @ Assembly Roxy (2019)

On the 28th Of June, Moon Fly Theatre presented two rehearsed readings as part of the Formation Festival at the Assembly Roxy.

IT NEVER ENDS by Cameron Forbes

Directed by Emily Ingram

Cast: Kelly Davie, Alison McFarlane, Sean Langtree

YEMEN By Sean Dennis Langtree

Directed by Alice Langley

Cast: Kelly Davie, Emma Findlay, Alison McFarlane, Olivia McKay, Vivien Reid, Deborah Whyte

Fear & Desire @ The Canons’ Gait (2019)

On the 24th May 2019, Moon Fly presented an evening of six ten minute plays, written by six different writers. All performed script-in hand after a same day rehearsal.

SMOKE by Jennifer Adam

BALLOONS by Cameron Forbes

COMMON APPOINTMENT by Sean Dennis Langtree

BONES by Hayley Scott



Directed by Nikki Kalkman & Amy McKenzie

Cast: Chris Allan, Lucy Goldie, Linda Duncan McLaughlin, Sean Langtree, Madeleine McGirk

Moon Fly Readings @ The Traverse (2019)

On 26th January 2019, Moon Fly Theatre presented an evening of one-act plays and sketches. Writers Cameron Forbes and Sean Dennis Langtree showcased brand new works in informal script-in-hand readings in front of an audience of more than 100 in the Traverse Bar Cafe.

Frederick George Rosie by Sean Dennis Langtree

Directed by Sofia Nakou

Cast: Mhairi McCall, Cameron McGarva, Sarah Miele

It Never Ends by Cameron Forbes

Directed by Emily Ingram

Cast: Sean Dennis Langtree, Mhairi McCall, Sarah Miele

If They Call It Night by Cameron Forbes

Directed by Jack Elliot

Cast: Emma Lynne Harley, Colin Macdonell

Fast Train Approaching by Sean Dennis Langtree

Directed by Isla Cowan

Cast: Joe Johnson, Ewa Malicka, Vivien Reid

A Face That Fits – Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2015)

Lights. A young man is sitting alone on a park bench. Enter stranger who requests to draw him. Intrigued, the young man agrees. A Face That Fits is a coming of age story that deals with the clashes of two different generations. Written by Sean Dennis Langtree, a play by Moon Fly Theatre Company making its world premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Written by Sean Dennis Langtree

Directed by Martin Haddow


Boy: Mark McMinn

Man: Vincent Maguire

Venue: theSpace@Surgeons Hall

Three Weeks: 4 stars

Broadway Baby: 3 stars

Rehearsed Reading: A Face That Fits

On the 8th April 2015 ‘A Face That Fits’ had a rehearsed reading at the Arches in Glasgow.

Below are some production shots from the reading (click to view):

The ‘Boy’ was played by Alan MacKenzie and the ‘Man’ by David Gallacher.

Photography by Christopher George Reynolds

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